Music Review: “Tangled Up” Turns Heads

If you’re looking for a new album to get rid of those summer songs that have been stuck in your head since May, don’t look any further. Thomas Rhett’s new album “Tangled Up” was released September 25th from Valory Music Group. This funky new album has many different sounds included in it. They all add up to one fantastically unique representation of Thomas Rhett’s abilities.

This sophomore album by Thomas Rhett is similar to his old style, which is all over the place. He has very few songs on this album that have a similar sound to the rest. Rhett said in an interview, “I didn’t grow up listening to just one style of music. So, I don’t know how to write just one style of music.” This shown in his album like “Anthem” versus “Playing with Fire” featuring Jordin Sparks. “Anthem” is a very upbeat part song uses a lot of techno beats and background singing. “Playing with Fire” is a very different sound, even Rhett thinks. He said, “It’s the most different song on the album.” There is a lot of clear guitar and piano usage in it with very little background singing. They are also very different in their lyrics. While “Anthem” uses funky upbeat lyrics such as “This is the beat that puts the fire in your feet; Gives you the license to be a little crazy.” “Playing with Fire” has a more romantic and slow feel to it “Call it quits, call off; All this on and off again.”

Rhett also includes a few songs with meanings attached to them. “Die a Happy Man” and “Single Girl” are two of them. He said that his wife wanted him to write something that was similar to that of Tim McGraw’s “Just to see you smile.” “Die a Happy Man” definitely accomplishes this goal. It has a very upbeat feel in a slower rhythm. Rhett says that he wrote “Single Girl” with his father, who is also a country singer/songwriter, Rhett Akins. He feels writing with his father is very special and is honored to work with him.

Overall Thomas Rhett’s new album has a wide range of news sounds that he ties together brilliantly. He gives us a refreshing new feel as we head into these winter months. So if you are a summer lover and are dreading the upcoming slow songs that are to be released, buy “Tangled Up” at the next chance you get.

By: Anna Gibson