Meet the Boeckmann Staff


Don’t you hate it when parts of your tablet stop working? Everyone knows the feeling of when you are writing and suddenly your pen stops working. You bang it on something over and over again, and still it doesn’t work. But, you know not to worry because, you know the Boeckmann lab can save the day.

Everyone knows the friendly staff of the Boeckmann lab, but does anyone really know them? Who are they really? All of us know the guys who fix our tablets and annoying pens when they have issues. But who actually are they? What are their personalities like? What do they like to do for fun? I sat down with Mr. Raley, the newest member of the Boeckmann Lab team to find out. Here’s what Mr. Raley had to say.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

“My favorite part of the job is problem solving.  With this position and the challenges that arise throughout the day, the problem solving is essential to fix all the issues and prevent issues in the future as well as helping all the students with their issues as quickly as possible.”

Have you always been good with technology?

“I didn’t know I wanted anything to do with technology until my freshman year of college.  I developed a knack for technology as I got further through my education.”

Do you feel like students know you outside of just fixing their tablets?

“Since I am relatively new, I think I am building a relationship with the students so that they see me as someone that they can come to with any sort of question regarding tech as well as helping with whatever issues they are experiencing with their laptops.”

Besides fixing things, what do you like to do in your free time?

“In my free time I enjoy playing soccer and have gotten into running as a hobby.”

Have there been any times when you really didn’t know how to fix someone’s tablet?

“There are plenty of times where something stumps me when it comes to issues like those. That’s the great thing about this field, you will always learn something new and it’s great to be exposed to those issues, so I can further my knowledge while helping alleviate said issues.”

Now, you know more about Mr. Raley from the Boeckmann Lab! So, next time your pen doesn’t write, don’t fear, Mr. Raley has you covered!

By: Sydney Ott