10 Tips to Make the Walk Your Best Assumption Memory

A guide to help you best prepare for the 2022 Assumption Walk.

Erin Hynes

What is the Walk? The walk is a school wide event where Assumption students walk along a set path around the Highlands and dress up with their fellow classmates in class colors or 80’s themed costumes. The walk accompanies a school wide fundraiser for financial aid. The Walk is one of Assumption’s largest all-school bonding experiences that brings the community together. The walk usually falls on the same day as the Saint Xavier vs. Trinity Game.

Why is the Walk important? The walk is more than just a day off from classes. The two weeks leading up to the Walk are a school-wide fundraiser to raise money for financial aid. Financial aid is the reason why so many students at Assumption can come back every day. Roughly 1 out of every 4 Assumption students are here because of the financial aid the school raises for the Walk and the money donated by Alumni.

What to wear? This year the theme is Walk The 80s. Students can dress up in their best 80s costume, or dress head to toe in their class color.

10 Tips for the Walk

Navigating the walk may often be difficult for new students, but these tips will help make this year’s walk great!

  1. Get costume supplies early. Do not wait until the night before.
  2. Some good places to find costume supplies include Amazon, Party City, your local craft store, and Goodwill.
  3. Do not be afraid to ask upperclassmen about borrowing their old walk outfits. Many students have tutus in their class color that they would be happy to pass on!
  4. Wear comfortable shoes to the walk. While boots and costume shoes might be cute, they are not practical for walking around.
  5. Make sure your parents know to drop you off at 9:15 AM and to pick you up around 12:30PM from the Walk, it will make your day go much smoother.
  6. Make sure to consult the costume guidelines when making your outfit this year, as some items are not allowed for the walk. Items such as boas and crop tops are not allowed.
  7. Take photos during the walk, they make great memories to look back on in the future.
  8. Eat a good breakfast and drink water before the walk.
  9. Sleep well the night before, the walk is not as fun if you are tired and groggy all morning.
  10. If you go in with a positive attitude, you will come out of the walk with a positive experience.

Most importantly, sell those raffle tickets! Not only are they your pass into participating in the walk, but they also help raise exponential amounts of money for your fellow classmates. Do not be afraid to ask teachers, friends, family members, and neighbors to buy tickets.