Shamrocks, Tigers, and Colts, Oh My! What it is Like Being an Assumption Student Cheering at Louisville’s All-Boys Schools

Abigail Wissing

With the famous Trinity versus Saint Xavier rivalry football game coming up on September 23rd, let’s talk about our rockets who are on the field alongside the players, the cheerleaders.  

While it sounds odd cheering for a school other than your own, Trinity, Saint X, and DeSales need cheer squads each year and they ask for students from other schools. Seniors and Juniors try out in the spring and cheer all year for our brother schools alongside Sacred Heart, Presentation, and Mercy students.  

While DeSales did not have any Assumption students try out this year, they are open to all Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors!  

What Rockets are on these squads? Saint Xavier and Trinity have a combined 26 Rockets cheering for them this season.  

The Trinity Cheer roster consists of juniors Hannah Christensen, Leah Clark, Abby Hinkebein, Lauren Kuprion, Lilly Lane, Sophie Pawley, Tori Phillips, Lillie Roberts, and Emma Tully. As well as seniors Rylee Edlin, Bella O’Bryan, Peyton Wright, and Sophie Zimmermann are also on the team. 

The Saint Xavier roster consists of Seniors Madison Ashley, Alyssa Ecken, Stella Ferree, Haley Glass, Natalie Jantzen, Sydney Koenig, Bree Koestel, Isabela Molestina, Brooklyn Pizzonia, Sophia Poma, Shelby Ramser, Taylor Swiatek, and Alexis Willis. 

But what do these cheerleaders have to say? Rockets spoke about what cheering in a different environment and a different community means to them.  

Senior Taylor Swiatek, on Saint X’s team, stated that, “It’s interesting because you aren’t necessarily a student, but you become a part of the community and you get to meet students from other schools. This helps with networking and it’s a good feeling when being a part of another community such as Saint X”. 

Abby Hinkebein, a Junior on Trinity’s team, said that, “It’s just such a good feeling being welcomed by people outside of Assumption who understand my personal and cheer stuff. Also knowing I inspire those younger than me makes the experience better”. 

High school football wouldn’t be the same without our Rocket cheerleaders!