2022 Alumnae Career Day

Beautiful Moments from October 4, 2022

Erin Hynes

Each year, Assumption alumnae return to the building to talk about their career with current students. Career day differs from grade level, but during this day every student participates in future planning of some sort.

Freshman begin their career exploration with Naviance, using this time to get into their account and explore some possible career paths on the site. Sophomores and Juniors participate in a career day. 31 career paths were present, giving the students a variety of options to explore. Careers like archaeology, business, government, media, medical, pharmacy, psychology, video game design, and law had Assumption alumnae presenting their experience in each field.  Seniors spent this day working on college applications with the help of their counselors and teacher. Seniors also attended a panel of  alumnae to hear about college and career paths.