Rockets Take Over Mock State Government


Abigail Wissing

Assumption’s delegation travelled to the Capitol to debate bills on the second day.

Abigail Wissing

The Kentucky Youth Assembly is a time when Kentucky’s youth come together to debate bills, vote on candidates, and express their beliefs. Assumption’s Student Y Chapter goes to the conference every year at the first high school session. There are 28 members in the club now, but more are welcome for the spring session of the Kentucky United Nations Assembly. 

Preparation for the conference starts in August, with bill authors coming up with ideas, writing bills, and delegates reviewing debate prep. Some students take on the role of a candidate for presiding officer positions and prepare for elections. We also had students participate in special programs such as the Cabinet and Lobbyist program where they prepared by doing bill research weeks before the conference. Freshman Elise Crump, a bill author at the conference, said “The prep for KYA was challenging, yes, but it was also really fun. It was challenging having to think about different thought processes and ways of thinking about our bill for the speech. Writing the bill itself was not too bad, yet the prep for the speech, questions, and rebuttals was more difficult and required more effort. All my work was worth it when it passed though. I loved learning and becoming better through the process.” 

At the conference, students without a major role are put in committees with delegates from other schools to hear from bill sponsors. In committees, Students decide if they want to speak on proposals with a speech in favor or opposing to a bill and end the committee by voting for or against it. Sophomore Alexandria Matthews told us “The experience of getting to learn about our government and participate in it with people my own age was eye-opening.”  

While bill authors and delegates were in committees, senior Eli Lewantowicz, served his last year of KYA as Secretary of Executive Cabinet doing behind-the-scenes preparation and work at the conference. He was part of the team of that made the conference possible beforehand with training and workshops.  

Since it was Lewantowicz’s last year, juniors Abigail Wissing and Erin Hynes took charge and ran for Presiding Officer roles that they would assume once KYA was over. Wissing was elected by the conference as President of the Commonwealth Senate while Hynes took over Lewantowicz’s position as Secretary of Executive Cabinet. They will both be serving at the KYA HS1 2023 session.  

An award ceremony took place on that last day of the conference and Assumption’s delegation had some winners:  

Freshman Elise Crump earned Outstanding Delegate 

Sophomores Elizabeth Buttes & Meredith Blair both earned Outstanding Speaker 

Assumption was also recognized as Premier Delegation 

Overall, Assumption had a successful conference with a more dedicated team than ever this session. Email [email protected] if you are interested in being a part of the team in the spring for KUNA.