A Spotify Wrapped to Remember?

How the Assumption Community Feels about the 2022 Spotify Wrapped.

Erin Hynes

Annually, in early December, Spotify releases a personalized recap of the past year in what is known as Spotify Wrapped. Wrapped shows listeners what defined their music over the past year. Using their activity on Spotify, a list of top artists, genres, and songs are compiled and sent to listeners. On top this list, a playlist is generated with the top 100 most played songs of the year.

Spotify users anxiously wait for their Spotify Wrapped each year, excited to share their recaps on social media. The releases come with emotions. People feel pride in their top artist, or ashamed that a certain song was played 200 times.

Either way, we would like to hear if you were shocked by your Spotify Wrapped this year, or if it lived up to expectations?

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Was Your 2022 Spotify Wrapped What you Expected?


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