Behind the Scenes of Creating Beautiful Moments for Future Rockets at Open House

Taylor Swiatek

Walking through the halls of Assumption, prospective students and families are welcomed to learn more about Assumption High School. Once they enter through those atrium doors, the fun begins! During a thorough tour of the campus, there is an opportunity for future Rockets to talk with both faculty and students to learn more about several aspects of Assumption such as academics, clubs, athletics, and the campus’ ministry. 

Open House helps Assumption gain exposure and, in turn, increases our student body size every year. As fun and exciting as the event is, an extreme amount of work goes on behind the scenes to efficiently produce the event. Abby Martin, an Assumption alum (2011) and the Manager of Annual Giving & Alumnae Relations at AHS, is a crucial part of the Open House event, helping the Marketing & Admissions Team ensure a successful Open House every year. Martin’s job revolving the event, she says, includes “recruiting student and alumnae volunteers, sharing information about Open House with our alumnae, and helping create some buzz on social media to get more future Rockets through the doors.” 

Our community of students, faculty, and staff genuinely want to see all current and future Rockets thrive and succeed. “Our mission at AHS,” Martin says, is “to develop young women in mind, body, and spirit, and I hope that our passion and commitment shines through.” 

In preparation for Open House, the community of Assumption comes together in to make it welcoming and to show off why we love this school. Preparing for the event includes organizing and cleaning up classrooms, decorating the campus, sharing, and reposting social media posts, training current students on how to smoothly run tours and classroom explanations, and more. While some may assume the planning behind the annual event doesn’t take much time, they may be shocked to hear that preparation for the next year’s starts immediately after the prior one.  

Kelsey Gunter, the Recruitment Coordinator at Assumption, has been hard at work assigning and training numerous Assumption students and faculty since last year’s Open House. “As soon as Open House wraps up, the Marketing and Admissions Office is already busy collecting feedback from attendees, faculty, and staff so we can review any adjustments we might need to make for the upcoming year,” Gunter explains. “While a lot of planning happens in the fall semester leading up to Open House, it is an event that we are thinking about more than a year in advance.” 

So, for the upcoming years as Assumption hosts their Open House, make sure to take in how much work goes on to put this event together. Without our welcoming administrators, helpful faculty and staff, and our increasing population of students, this special day for prospective students and families would not be as successful. Gunter expressed her extreme gratitude for the Assumption community, saying that “while Open House involves a lot of effort from the entire Assumption Community, I’m so grateful for our wonderful faculty, staff, and students who make the biggest impact on Future Rockets and their families at Open House.”