One Child, One Teacher, Big Change


Rylee Edlin

As you heard on the March edition of WAHS broadcast, students have made an impact on teachers in many ways. Teachers have all been affected by these impacts students have made. In the broadcast you heard from Mrs. Elder and Mr. Monaghan, but we also heard from other teachers.  

I sent out a google form asking teachers if students have made an impact on them, and what was that impact. Nine teachers responded yes to that email, some of those responses were from Mrs. Hovekamp. Hovekamp said “This may sound weird coming from a teacher, but I love when students ask me if something will work and I don’t know the answer, especially in the 3D Print and Design Course. I love when my students and I can test things out and learn things together. My students often think of things to try that I haven’t even considered. I don’t think my students realize how much I learn from them.” 

 Mrs. Bender said “It’s hard to say, because it happens so often with so many different students and in so many ways! I’ve only been here at AHS 6 years, so it’s easy to remember many AHS students who have impacted me or my teaching. Some students have inspired me to change the way I teach. Some students have helped me get through tough times or become more confident as a teacher. Generally, it’s not the “star students” that people might expect to have the most impact–it’s the ones who struggle, who initially doubt their abilities, who worry they are asking too many (on-topic) questions, who don’t quite fit in, who perhaps even butt heads with the teacher a bit as they’re learning school/class rules and expectations.” 

 These are only a small amount of assumption teachers who have been impacted by their students. But as we can see both students and teachers make an impact on each other.