Mastering finals in a few simple steps

final exams

By: Taylor Fralick

With final exams just around the corner, many students are beginning to become nervous and stressed.  However, there are many ways to successfully ace these exams.

First of all, it’s crucial to remain calm.  “Don’t stress because it won’t hurt your grade as much as you think,” Kenzley Defler, junior, said.  Remaining calm will make studying much less of a burden and taking finals an overall better experience.

A good habit to get into when preparing to study is filling out all study guides because it allows all the information to be organized and ready to study more efficiently. “I look over study guides and separate them into sections to memorize the information,” Onaiza Fazal, senior, said.

After completing study guides and studying them, the best thing to do is review old tests because that’s where much of the final test material will be pulled from.  According to Kenzley Defler, focusing on material that lost the most points on old tests is the best way to accomplish this.

Don’t start studying the night before and try to cram it all into a few hours; begin studying a little more each night starting a few nights before the test. These are things preached by teachers, but as it turns out, they’re right, so it’d be highly beneficial to take their advice.

Going to bed early the night before, eating protein the morning of, and going into the test with confidence will all result in clearer thinking and better chances of acing the final exam.  Follow these tips and be on the way to an A in no time!