Canstruction collection sets a new record of cans

By Ashley Edelen

During Canstruction on November 20th students work with their families to collect cans to donate to Dare to Care. Together, Assumption collected over 8,000 cans, Birr being the leading contributor with over 1,000 cans. This year Assumption brought in a record number of cans for Dare to Care.
The family themes this year consisted of Despicable Me, homeroom teachers, Tangled, barnyard, Monster’s Inc., Powerpuff girls, decades, Christmas, and Teletubbies. The winning family for this year’s best theme is yet to be determined.
Annie Mays, senior in Kingstown whose theme was barnyard, said, “It wasn’t my favorite theme. I wish that the Freshman and Sophomores were actual things and not just in the background.” Mays also said, “My favorite part about Canstruction is bonding with the other grades in our family.” With it being her last year doing Canstruction, Mays stated, “I’m sad it’s my last year. It was always really fun and I liked doing it every year.”
Emma Johansen, freshman in Limerick whose theme was Monster’s Inc., said, “I like our theme a lot. There were lots of ideas and the kid show ties us all in together.” Since it was her first year doing Canstruction, Johansen stated, “I’ve heard it’s supposed to be really fun. It’s also for a good cause so it’s kind of a win/win.”