‘Twas the Night Before Open House

By: Alyssa Foster

‘Twas the Night Before Open House

‘Twas the night before Open House, and all through the halls,

Not a student was stirring, not a teacher at all.

The activities were set up in classrooms with care,

In hopes that future Rockets soon would be there.

The Class of ‘18 was snuggled all in their beds,

While visions of Rockets danced in their heads.

With students in uniform, and them in their clothes

They’d prepared for a night that AHS throws.

When on December 5 there was such a clatter,

And Future Rockets came in and were shown that they matter.

Away to the classrooms they flew like a flash,

Participated in activities and got some candy from the stash.

By the end of the night with gifts in hand,

Future Rockets knew that AHS is where they’ll attend.

And later that night when they were all tucked in bed,

The vision of Rockets still danced in their heads.

Then nine days later (December 14) they took a test,

In the AHS rooms where they would be next.

And that fall with maroon skirts in tote,

Those same Future Rockets had found their home.