Celebrating Christmas around the world

By: Tori Ellingsworth

In America, celebrating Christmas includes: putting up a Christmas tree, making cookies, going to church, waiting on Santa, and opening presents on Christmas morning. Every family has different traditions for their Christmas season, and so do other countries.
Africa celebrates this holiday season with groups of carolers walking through the villages and even stopping to put on a Christmas pageant. However, this is a summer holiday for the people in Africa. They decorate with pine branches around their homes and put up a fir tree in the corner of their homes.
Being in Australia on Christmas means eating a Christmas dinner with turkey during midday on a beach. If the family chooses to stay home they likely spend their day in swimming pools or doing oher outside activities.
The Chinese people decorate trees much like in America. They cover them in paper ornaments and lanterns. In China, children put out stockings hoping that ‘Dun Che Lao Ren’, meaning ‘Christmas Old Man’, will come by and bring presents for their family.
Children in Germany will write letters for Christmas to the winged figure in white robes named ‘Christkind’. They decorate the letters and leave them on a windowsill. Germans make gingerbread houses and light advent wreaths as well.