Chick-fil-A listens to customers, improves ingredients

By: Mary Dallas

Chick-fil-A is a popular fast-food chain with over 1,700 locations, known for their chicken sandwiches and great customer service. In 2011, food blogger Vani Hari wrote an article on her website called “Chick-fil-A or Chemical-fil-A?” This article focused on the over 100 ingredients in their famous chicken sandwich. Based on the attention received from this article, she continued writing about Chick-fil-A and their ingredients.

Hari’s articles caught the eye of Chick-fil-A executives, who invited her to their headquarters in Georgia for a meeting. A few weeks ago, Hari received an email stating that the chain was working on removing high fructose corn syrup from their buns by the end of 2013. They are currently testing these buns at over 200 locations in Georgia. Chick-fil-A has also removed yellow food dye from chicken soup, and plans on improving sauce ingredients in early 2014.

David Farmer, vice president of product strategy and development tells Huffington Post that Chick-fil-A will keep making changes. “More and more these days, we’ve become a kind of food culture. People seem to care a lot more about what’s in it, how it’s made and where did it come from.”