Meet Tricia Biagi

By: Hannah Moore

Tricia Biagi is the new director of marketing and communications here at Assumption. She is a ‘89 Assumption graduate who later graduated from the University of Kentucky.

Tricia has previously interned with the Courier Journal, worked with The Burlington Free Press, worked at Price-Weber in marketing and communications, and served as the Louisville art director.

Tricia is married to her husband, David who is the director of the School of Architecture at the University of Kentucky. They have a daughter in the seventh grade, Sophia and a son in the fifth grade, Leo.

Tricia was a member of the 88’-89’ Rosecall staff and was the editorial cartoonist. “The buildings and technology have changed significantly since my time here. It’s basically a new school” Biagi said.

Tricia is currently working on the advertisement for Rocket Spectacular. Her job is also to keep things fresh and updated on the social media sites and continue to keep everyone in the loop.

tricia biagi