New student leaders look to spread school spirit

Jenny Lohr and Olivia Polston

On May 14, Assumption High School found out the executive board of student government for the 2014-2015 school year.

Campaigning lasted from May 12 through May 14 for executive board positions such as class president. Bailey Higgins was elected Senior Class President and Molly O’Dea was elected Junior Class President. Lauren Monaghan will serve as Student Council President and Mary Ann Crawford will serve as Family Program President for the upcoming year.

Many of the newly elected presidents have a similar goal in mind, and that is to raise school spirit.

“I really want to raise school spirit,” said Lauren Monaghan. “I want everyone to be proud of their school.”

Bailey Higgins had the same response.

“I want the senior class to show more school spirit and to be more involved,” she said. “We need to be role models for the younger girls and we need to lead the school in a positive way.”  STUDENT GOV