Assumption welcomes students around the globe

Haley Bain

For the past several years, Assumption has been a part of a Mercy Ambassador Exchange Program. The program involves a group of Argentine exchange students coming to live with a group of Assumption students for a month during their summer, and in return, the Assumption students go and spend a month during the summer in Argentina, with the students from Santa Ethena High School.

This year, six Argentine exchange students – Guadi Saenz, Cata Damico, Cata Campo, Maggie Fuentes, Sofia Grimoldi, and Luz Fernandez – arrived  on January 24. While here they were hosted by six Assumption students – Claire Hook, Hailie Kopp, Kenzie Kronk, Jenny Lohr, Emma Steer, and Kristen Parker.

Over the month they visited, the girls and their hosts attended the Assumption sophomore dance, went to Chicago, and even got the chance to go skiing. The girls also got to be cheerleaders at an Assumption basketball game because cheerleading isn’t a sport offered at their school.

Kristen Parker, junior, said that the best part about the foreign exchange program is “a unique relationship with someone, they become a part of yourself.”

She says that not only have she and Luz become best friends, but Kristen’s mom and dad have become friends with and often talk to Luz’s parents on the phone or through email.  The Assumption students are getting ready and preparing to leave for Argentina on May 31. The girls have all said how excited they are for their summer in Argentina.Photo for Argentina story