A cute love story for all ages

Hayley Davis

“The Geography of You and Me” is written by Jennifer E. Smith. Smith is best known for “What Happy Looks Like” and “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.” This is her fifth book.

This book takes place in the not-so-distance future. It’s a classic love story where we meet a girl named Lucy. She lives with her parents on the 24 floor of a New York City apartment. She comes from a rich family and is known for traveling around the world whenever her dad gets offered a new job. Owen lives in the same apartment building as Lucy. He comes from a poor family where he has to take care of his dad after the devastating loss of his mother.

One night, New York suffers from a total blackout, and fate brings Lucy and Owen together. They get stuck in an elevator and spend hours talking and trying to figure out what caused the blackout and how they can get out of the elevator.

The teens are eventually rescued and spend the rest of the night walking the dark streets of New York looking at the stars. When the lights come back on in the city reality sets back in. Lucy’s dad gets a new job offer all the way in London and she and the rest of her family are forced to pack up and move. Owen’s dad is overcome with grief from the death of his wife and decides to take his son and move them out west. The rest of the book is a search to find each other and themselves in new places with obstacles that come with a long distance relationship.

This is a perfect love story of how two people lose each other and then somehow find each other again. Smith portrays a heart-breaking, yet very real relationship between two people. It is a book that will leave you always wondering what will happen next, all the way up to the last chapter.

The Geography of You and Me Review