Freshmen Advice

By now the freshmen have been roaming the halls for a couple of weeks. Hopefully, most of them have found their way around the school, and don’t get lost traveling from the CAC to the old building. Even more importantly, that when they are traveling from class to class, they are walking on the right side of the hallway. Yet I’m sure there’s still a few things they may not have figured out yet.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: headbands were made to go on your head, not your forehead. I cannot stress this enough; they aren’t sweat bands or little hippie flower bands, they are head bands. So once again, head not forehead.

While you are mostly walking on the right side of the hallway, which is good, using the right door goes along with that. Don’t use the left door, you will hit someone or make traffic in the hallway even more.

Also while walking down the hallway during activity period, be on the look-out for Bob Brown, science teacher. Most days he’s just chilling in the hallway with a big pad of detention slips, checking everyone and making sure they’re “legal.” So always make sure your skirt is long enough, you have socks on, and you have a lanyard, or else he will find you and give you the privilege of sitting with Paula Edwards at seven the next morning.

Aside from those few basic Assumption rules, one of the most important things to remember is to always be open to new things, don’t judge people before you know them, and try your hardest to always have a positive attitude. Trust me, if you follow through with these things, it’ll be pretty hard for your time here at Assumption to be bad.

Article by Olivia Polston