Celebrate my drive


The first year of driving is definitely the scariest and most unsafe point of driving in a person’s life. Teenagers tend to have more accidents than any other age group. Teens have been known to die from car crashes more than any other cause.

Car crashes can take the life of many people unexpectedly. Texting is a huge factor in many car crashes.

There is a celebration to help promote better and safer driving. The name of this celebration is called Celebrate My Drive.

As many of you know about Celebrate My Drive through Assumption, it is back again this year. Celebrate My Drive is a “Drive” celebrated throughout North America.

What you do to win is get people within your school to vote online at celebratemydrive.com. There they answer questions about safe driving. Students, parents and teachers all supporting your school can vote

In the final days you should try and obtain as many votes as possible. In the final days, Assumption managed to hold their place in the top 50.

The celebration offers many awesome prizes! Some prizes are $100,000 and $25,000 for the top schools, and even a concert performed by The Band Perry.

Article by Courtney Downs