Welcome to Open House!


Hi guys, and on behalf of the RocketLaunch, Rosecall, and Rosecast, welcome to Open House 2014!

Open House is such a fun night for you to get to know Assumption and for you to find out about all the clubs and activities that are offered.

Lisa Van Wallaghen, Shadow Program Coordinator, said “It’s really a magical feeling when you walk into school on Open House night.”

Here’s a few things we want you to know about tonight:

  • Open House is open to all families and young girls in the community
  • All clubs, programs, sports, and activities are showcased
  • All coaches of sports are present
  • You get a free gift!
  • Parents can get their questions answered about financial aid, special programs and anything else they’re wondering about
  • Student led tours are available

Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us with our hashtag, #bestdaysahs, what your favorite thing at Open House has been so far!