Pure Barre builds spring break bodies


With spring break and summer fast approaching, young women everywhere are taking extreme and often unhealthy measure to have the “perfect” bikini body. Pure Barre is safe, highly effective alternative to crazy diets or exercise schedules.

Pure Barre is an hour long class based on ballet and small isometric movements which helps shape your seat, thighs, arms, abs, and burn fat in a short amount of time. Muscles are worked to their point of fatigue which causes them to shake. When your muscles begin to shake is when they become stronger and more toned.

Pure Barre began to pick up popularity in 2009. Its claim to be the safest, fastest and most effective way to change your body appealed to all women. Every class is designed so anyone can do it no matter your age or skill level. While each class has a focus on the same target areas, you’ll never experience the exact same class twice. Your class will likely have a different instructor, music and exercises.

Pure Barre is designed to help you step away from your life and have an hour to better yourself. It is recommended to attend a class 3-4 times a week for the best results. Clients can expect to see results in as little as 10 classes.

Many Assumption students and teachers participate in Pure Barre. Spanish teacher, Ms. Rublein, is an instructor at their Westport Village location. Senior, Christin Rutley, was the youngest person to ever take 500 classes and almost reached a total of 550.

Rutley describes her experience at Pure Barre as “I don’t continue to go every day because I want to lose weight. I go because the people I’ve met there are some of the closest things I’ve ever had to family and it’s what I look forward to everyday when I wake up.”

Article by K. Zuhars

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