Pacing for Prisca

In honor of Sister Prisca’s life Team Assumption along with Kevin Monoghan, Tracy Homan, and Katie Caswell have implemented a goal of recruiting at least 99 Assumption High school and Mercy Academy students, parents, teachers and alum to participate in the mini. Both Mercy Academy and Assumption were founded by Prisca and are Mercy schools.

Team Assumption will partake in training those who are interested in the cause, and “Pacing for Prisca” T-shirts will be available for order. Prior race activities will take place on Thursday April 28 through Friday April 29. The mini will follow the previous events on April 30th 2016 at 7:30 AM.

As of now the cost for participating in the mini is $65, but prices will begin to rise after October 31st. If you are interested in getting involved or need any other further information, contact Team Assumption leaders Caroline Browning, Grace Getsfred, Chrissy Kaninberg, or any of the teachers previously mentioned. Do not be concerned about the price but about rather the cause as a whole. Fundraising is an option and this experience and accomplishment will outweigh the price. This is a perfect way to get involved in our community while doing so for a great cause.