Learning to Lead with LEOs


This year there are so many new opportunities for Assumption students. Students have become more involved because of the excitement of the new school year. During the summer, Mrs. Steutermann came to the faculty with a new idea: Leadership Educational Opportunities (LEOs).

LEOs follow a college model that can eventually lead to a student earning a distinction. According to Mrs. Steutermann, to earn this distinction, students are required to attend one meeting for each of the five leadership practices. Because of the variety of the topics, students are able to pick and choose which meetings they attend based on their interest and desired level of involvement.

Some of the benefits for students of attending LEOs are the chance to learn a new skill, working towards a distinction, and earning 50 points for their family. Students can attend each LEO once, even though they are offered multiple times before and after school. Mrs. Steutermann adds, “Students are able to learn something new that relate to their passions and hobbies in a short, 30-minute opportunity.”

Anyone can attend these meetings. There are no applications and they are easy to get involved with. They are not just for students elected to positions in student government or other organizations. The purpose of LEOs is to provide every student opportunities to get involved. They are perfect for students not interested or involved in student office or student government to earn a leadership distinction.

However, LEOs offer much more. Mr. Stairs says, “Participants become confident in their voice, compassionate in their perspectives, and called in faith to action.” Mr. Stairs has led “Elevator Pitches” and “Charting your Course”. When asked why he wanted to be involved, he mentions that he is passionate about helping students reach their full potential. He also enjoys meeting new students he does not teach.

Mrs Cassady, who has led “Creating Buzz” adds, “I do not get to work with students all the time in my job. Through leading these LEOs, I am meeting new students and building connections in a smaller setting.” She also enjoys learning students’ interests with the hope students will come to her as a resource. Mrs. Cassady goes on to say, “LEOs provide benefits at Assumption, but even more in life and beyond.”

By Caroline Schuhmann