SENIOR SERVICE: ARISE Mission Trips During Mission Week 2022


By: Meg Ralston

During the month of February, a week is taken off by AHS to allow each grade to learn more about themselves or go out and help in the community. Senior year, each student can decide on what they want to do over that week. Some work with freshman, go on retreat, or stay at school and do fun senior activities. However, one option (that is only offered during mission week) is a mission trip. This year students are going to 4 different mission trips over the week through the ARISE Program.

Throughout the week, the girls go into the community and help those in need, and they are told to have an open mind.

Each location entails a different type of service and a different environment. One group of students are staying in Louisville. During that time, they are going to the Earth and Spirit Center and doing service in environmental settings. They are also advocating on behalf of environmental rights. When asked how she feels about going on this mission trip, senior Ella Welch exclaimed excitedly, “I am so excited! I can’t wait to meet the people in my group and I have never learned about environmental concerns so I am excited for a new service experience than what I am used to.”

Another group of students are going to Appalachian to work with Hand and Hand Ministries. There they will help the surrounding communities rebuild their homes. Senior Gabbi Lanham expresses her excitement about “being able to see a new place and help the people there.”

The third group is going to Washington DC. At the capitol, the students are going to talk about immigration with legislators and especially ones representing Kentucky. They are also going in person to the Sisters of Mercy house and speak to them about their views on that specific topic. Senior Callie Hall said, “I am really excited because I haven’t been to DC in a while. And I am excited to go out and advocate for this topic. I also can’t wait to go to all the different museums in our free time and learn about all the different cultures.”

Finally, a group of students are going up to Cincinnati. These young women are going to different agencies throughout Cincinnati such as St. Vincent DePaul and helping the impoverished. Senior Hadley Snyder exclaims, “I feel excited but nervous because I am going somewhere I can go to make a distance in someone else’s life. But it is scary because I do not know what to expect and I won’t have my phone. I am excited to bond with the girls I am going on the trip with.”

Mission week will be taking place on February 28th to March 4th. These seniors are going out to make a change and volunteer their time. Allowing them to learn more about themselves and those new communities.