The History of the Pink and White Game

The History of the Pink and White Game

By Caroline Schuhmann

Every year the communities of Assumption High School, Sacred Heart Academy, Saint Xavier High School, and Trinity High School gather for one of the biggest events of the year. For fourteen years, the Pink and White game has been a cherished tradition that takes place at the end of April. Opposing teams are formed of students from Assumption High School and Sacred Heart Academy and the halftime show consists of dances from Saint Xavier High School and Trinity High School. This tradition started in a very unique way.

In 2008, Stephanie Coy, an Assumption class of 2008 alum, made her senior dream come true. She dreamed of having a flag football game against Sacred Heart. She was determined to create an event where the girls play flag football and the boys schools dance at halftime. At the senior dream assembly in 2007, Coy along with her classmates created the motto “Four Schools. Two rivalries. One Cause. Everyone wins!”. The tradition has grown to be a beloved and cherished tradition for many years.

Mrs. Cassady, who was a big part in the creation of the Pink and White game, says, “It was Stephanie’s idea and her commitment to seeing it through that sprung Mrs. Schaefer and I into action during her senior year in 2008.” That first year, Mrs. Schaefer and Mrs. Cassady supervised dance practices, made t-shirts, while the girls made the promo video and learned and practiced Flag Football for what they thought was going to be a little game. Mrs. Cassady says, “We thought 300 people would show up to that first game but were shocked when nearly 3,000 people ended up at the game.”

The “one cause” the game is centered around is raising money for Breast Cancer. The Pink and White game has raised over $250,000 for the Norton Cancer Institute over the years. Every year players and dancers walk in the opening ceremony in memory of someone or for a survivor of cancer. This year team pink has vocalized who they will walk in honor of over the announcements and in this year promo video. Senior, Meg Ralston, who is on Team Pink, is walking in honor of her grandfather. She says, “I am walking with my dad because I am playing for my grandpa who passed away due to cancer when I was in 2nd grade. I am playing for him because he is my guardian angel and he coached football, so I feel extra close to him due to him coaching football.”

The faculty and staff at Assumption look forward to the Pink and White game every year just as much as the students. Mrs. Cassady discusses that the best thing about being a staff member at the game is getting to see the whole school including faculty, staff, and students come together to rally around the cause, the team, and fill the stands with enthusiasm as Team Pink. Mrs. Schelb also shares, “The opening ceremonies are really special because it means so much to the individuals who have gone through cancer to feel recognized and special.”

We can’t wait to see Team Pink take the field this year! Go Team Pink!