Easy jobs to get this summer

Easy jobs to get this summer

Hannah Lane

Many teenagers struggle with the same problem: getting a job. It can be a huge time commitment and some aren’t willing to make that sacrifice. But in most cases, having no job means having no money.

But fear not! There are many miniscule tasks that you can perform to get that money. Babysitting around the neighborhood is a great option. It’s an easy job to do and the time commitment is much more flexible than a real job.

Another option is cutting the grass for neighbors or others in the community. Again, it’s a simple task and it only has to be done about once a week. You can get easy money, as well as a nice base tan if the weather is good.

Applying for a job at a local pool or store is yet another example. It is more of a time constraint than the aforementioned jobs but some may like having a set schedule.

Saving up is a hard thing to do but it could be very beneficial in the long run. This summer could be a great opportunity to get a head start and earn money.

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