The Best Way to Keep your Friends Over Christmas Break

Stelle Bensenhaver, Satire Columnist

The holiday season is approaching, but friendship, which can already be a challenge, may be quite the seasonal stressor! However, maintaining high quality friendships during the holidays is as simple as baking a pie This is a mostly encompassing list of how to be a good friend during the holidays! 

1.Make sure to know what your friends celebrate. 

Knowing what holidays your friends do or don’t celebrate is very important for respecting your friends, which in return, keeps both parties happy. Psych Central added that sharing holiday traditions help create a strong bond between friends and family and creates a sense of belonging, which is superb for friendship!  


2. Do NOT re-gift your friends’ gifts that your Uncle Earl gave you last year that you didn’t want! 

Do not, I repeat do NOT, re-gift your friends’ gifts from your Uncle Earl. If you didn’t want it, neither will they! Not to mention, you have not seen Earl since you were 7, he will not be upset if you just donate his gift of his wife’s hand painted ornaments to a Goodwill. 


3. Know your friends’ food allergies before baking them a fruit cake.  

According to the United States Department of Agriculture in 2019, 2% of adults and 4-8% of children have a food allergy, which is approximately a lot of Americans. Your very own friend may have an allergy to wheat or eggs or maybe even peanuts, it’s more common than you think!  


4. Create a fun holiday playlist. 

Creative a collaborative playlist for you and your friends to listen to over the break when celebrating. Spotify allows premium users to upload their own music, and if you want to truly feel connected with your pals over the holidays, upload yourself saying your most common-used sayings, add them to your playlist, and it will be just like you’re with your friends every time they hit play!  


5. Break into your miser friend’s bedroom in the middle of the night to reenacted Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol 

We all have that one friend who always just seems to hate the holiday spirit sprinkled around this time of the year, but by breaking into their room in the middle of the night, you may be able to melt their icy heart by showing them the true meaning of Christmas through their past, present, and future. This will take a lot of hard work on your end, you will need to find a way to not only break and enter without being arrested, but you will need to find sensitive information about said friend so they can realize the meaning of the season. If all goes to fruition, your friend will wake up on Christmas morning with a new outlook on life, and it’s all thanks to you!  


6. Make a Christmas card of yourself to send to all your friends.  

You don’t even need to celebrate Christmas to participate in this one, and you can take a little creative liability to customize it. But take multiple pictures of yourself in different positions in your kitchen, Photoshop them all together, edit in some festive lights and other holiday stuff, and send to all your friends! They will all appreciate your dedication and effort into making the world’s best Christmas card, and they’ll sure appreciate you, too!  


7. Have a holiday party! 

Having a holiday party is one of the best ways to stay connected with your friends over the break, and a great way to celebrate together! Just don’t try to encourage your friends to invest in your nonlucrative business ideas. Your friends would rather have your company, and they don’t want you to turn the holiday party into your 10th pitch meeting of the year. If your friends wanted to invest, they would have already by now!  

 8. Start an Eggnog business. 

Everyone loves some sweet noggy goodness, and your friends will as well! The internet is home to millions of eggnog recipes, all you need to do is pick one and make your own! Sell these to your friends during the holiday season as a way for them to show your love for you through a monetary transaction.  

 9.  Have a fish boil! 

You’ve heard of crab boils, but did you know you can create your own holiday tradition with your friends by boiling a singular cod in a pot and digging in with your pals? By creating this fishy tradition, it will ensure long standing holiday friendships because your friends will feel obligated to visit you after you make such a decadent boil! 


Don’t let the holidays stress you out, after all, this time of the year is for love, hope, and prosperity! With these 9 tips and tricks, you will be the master at holiday friendships, and it’s just as easy as pie! Make it a great holiday break, Rockets!