Humans of AHS: Caitlynn Wheat

caitlynn wheat

Senior, Caitlynn Wheat, is planning to be a clinical or criminal psychologist in the future.

“I hope to be a clinical psychologist in mental hospitals and rehabilitation places.” She says.

She also aims to be a criminal psychologist in a prison eventually.

“Everyone finds that really depressing.”

Caitlynn on the other hand, says that she finds it interesting.

“Part of the reason that I want to be that is because I used to watch a TV show and she was a criminal psychologist.”

Caitlynn also took the psychology class here at school.

“It’s just been something that I’ve wanted to do for about three years now. People keep telling me that I’m going to end up changing my mind about it.”

Caitlynn says that she’s not going to change her mind on it and it’s something she’s determined to do.