The many reasons to read Thirteen Reasons Why

The author of Thirteen Reasons Why
The author of Thirteen Reasons Why

By: Carolyn Simon

Clay Jenson comes home one day to find a package containing several cassette tapes. On these tapes he hears the voice of his former crush Hannah Baker as she explains that each tape is dedicated to each of the thirteen people that led her to her suicide. Clay received these tapes because he happens to be on one of them and he must listen to all of them in order to find out what he could have done to the now deceased Hannah Baker.

In Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why we see how even the smallest of actions may be having a huge impact on the people around us. We listen with Clay as he hears Hannah’s voice and follows the map she’s included in the package. We see her story unfold and her painful path to suicide.

This compelling story interweaves Hannah’s tapes with Clay’s thoughts and memories. We learn each individuals name and exactly what they did that made Hannah do what she did. Hannah Baker’s story is one you will never forget and one that you won’t want to miss out on.