Derby Dinner Playhouse delivers a new riveting comedy

Taylor Duvall

Derby Dinner Playhouse opens up their 2014-2015 season with a comical play written by Michael Cooney, “Cash on Delivery.”

The play centers on a con artist who tricks the welfare authorities for a number of years, claiming all sorts of benefits for the tenants he doesn’t have. Things get a bit tricky when someone from the welfare offices comes to check up on one of the tenants that don’t exist, so the con artist must employ his actual tenant to help him trick the investigator and save his family from jail.

The play is extremely fast-paced from start to end, but hilarious throughout. Only ten characters are in the play, but with everyone running back and forth and changing identities, it seems like so many more. It’s hard to keep up with at some points, especially near the end, but once you catch up, it’s pretty clear what’s going on.

The play runs until June 29, and is a perfect way to spend your evening. Derby Dinner provides a meal before the play, and while dessert costs extra, it’s definitely worth it. Derby Dinner provides a variety of different plays for the whole family for a fun, theater-filled evening.

Derby Dinner Playhouse review