Dedication review


Kalin and Myles (KAM) are a new “Hip Pop” duo that are hitting the scene. They have been producing their own new sound mixing pop, hip-hop, and R&B with their own little spin on it.
Making music since 2011, they recently came out with their newest album Dedication. The album has a total of four songs on it. One of which has become very popular, “Trampoline”.
The first time the song was played on our local radio I had not realized it was KAM, I thought it was someone else who was already well-known. I was shocked when I came to the realization.
The other songs on the album are “I Don’t Really Care”, “Dedication”, and “You’re The Only One I Need”. I have really enjoyed “Trampoline” and “I Don’t Really Care”. Ever since receiving the album, those two songs have been on repeat. As for the other two, “Dedication” and “You’re The Only One I Need”, I have mixed emotions.
“Dedication” I really just do not like. It reminds me too much of an inexperienced boy band. Sort of a mix between Justin Bieber and One Direction. I just cannot get myself to like it. The background music is good, but the lyrics just do not do it for me. For “You’re The Only One I Need”, I am in love with the first minute. I get into it, but then there is some sort of Hispanic sounded chorus. I just do not feel it fits with that song. That is the only downside of that particular song though. I like the music, the lyrics are not horrible. It is good.
Now for the two I really like, “Trampoline” and “I Don’t Really Care”, they are both songs I would recommend to anyone to listen to. “Trampoline” has already started to become well known, but “I Don’t Really Care” has not. They are both upbeat, draw the listener in, and are not like all the other music that is heard on the radio. I also really like that “I Don’t Really Care” is not just all about girls and relationships. It was sort of a mix-up for this duo, but it was good. I definitely will continue to listen to these two songs.
KAM has the potential to go big. They already have a large fan base, they are making some great music, and it helps that they are both extremely attractive. If they continue to work hard, it will not be long until they get there.

Article by J.Buckman

“Kalin and Myles” by Danandrewsreporter – I took this photo at Teen Hoot for my job the Knoxville FocusPreviously published: http://24× Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –