Nostalgia in the Halls

39th Annual AHS Walk Stirs Up Community Excitement for a Good Cause

Chloe Nunn, Journalism 1 Guest Writer

As the class colors change from green and blue, up until yellow and pink, the excitement and student feelings regarding the Assumption walk never fail to change in hundreds of girls.

Taking place annually in September at AHS, it successfully involves the entire student body and drawing the community together to celebrate immense amounts of school spirit. Through inflatable costumes accompanied by face paint or multitudes of pre-/post-walk events, there is an abundance of participation and excitement stirred up in the school.

For many current freshmen, the hype surrounding the walk has already made way into their heads. Although they have never experienced their first walk, they already know a lot of information regarding walk traditions. Upperclasswomen have greatly impacted the freshman class’ growing excitement.

According to Freshman Audrey Hynes, many sophomores, juniors, and seniors entice freshman with an amazing promise of making new friends and having a blast during walk-day festivities. The Assumption Class of 2026 is nervously anticipating the taste of the insane school spirit and sisterhood. Alongside the return of the freshman sleepover, girls will finally be able to experience a true day that any incoming freshman dreams of, one that leaves them sleep-deprived in all the best ways.

As one of the first classes following the pandemic shutdown, sophomores have previously experienced one typical walk. Therefore, they are aware of walk traditions, but excitement is stirring pertaining to improvements and alterations to the events. Sophomore student at AHS, Sarah Bartley, believes that the walk’s objectives are aimed to raise excitement and allow girls to be able to dress up hilariously and overly extravagant in their all-blue attire.

From princess ballgowns to inflatable costumes, she says the air is filled with thrilling spirits all for one cause the morning of the walk. Bartley also emphasizes the importance of demonstrating the liveliness in the sisterhood family at AHS.

Not only are underclasswomen feeling the implications of an important upcoming day full of festivities, juniors and seniors are ready to experience one of their final walks at Assumption. This nostalgic theme is truly fitting for the pandemic-deprived classes who are seeking out a fulfilling walk, leaving them ecstatic.

Furthermore, the student body is not the only group impacted by the walk. Teachers and administrators throughout the building spend weeks perfecting their over-the-top ensembles.

Not only do they help ensure students have a good time, but they also assist in a very important aspect of the walk, fundraising. Fundraising money for students in dire need of tuition financial aid remains at the core of the walk. Kristin Walsh, the sophomore guidance counselor, and family council proctor reassured that support for student aid in combination with buzzing school spirit is ideal.

Walsh reassured that the hype building and teasers leading up to the morning attributes to the student participation and turn out. As a land locked school in the middle of a populous neighborhood, the walk is an important PR event and recruitment opportunity to entice future rockets that are mesmerized by nearly a thousand students walking by in costumes.

As the annual Walk traditions continue, a sudden buzz of nostalgia shocks the halls of AHS. The memories dug up from the first years of walk traditions causes nostalgia and excitement for this year’s theme. The 80’s themed hallway decorations, costumes flaunted by various teachers, and hidden easter eggs in morning announcements cause excitement surrounding the walk, helping to build excitement.

As announced through a lively and creative skit put on during the kickoff, it was revealed that the walk theme for the 2022-2023 school year is Walk the 80’s. While the calendar days slowly yet surely get ticked off until the big day, hallways are filled with chatter surrounding the event. What are you wearing?

Freshman dressing in green class color during 2021-2022 “Walk of Champions” (Chloe Nunn)