What Makes a Model of Mercy

A Look into what Makes Someone a Model of Mercy at Assumption

Erin Hynes

Annually, Assumption names five members of the Assumption community Models of Mercy. During the Mercy celebration, following a prayer service is the announcement of Model of Mercy. Students, faculty, and staff members introduce their nominee and present each award to its recipient.

The Model of Mercy is voted on by the community, meaning that students vote on which classmate in their grade should receive the award. After one person is chosen, someone who voted for them comes up and speaks about the recipient before they are announced.

This year the Models of Mercy were Marianne Heck, AG Gibson, Mary Barker, Erica Lasley, and Erin Gary.

Being a Model of Mercy means something different to each person, but overall a Model of Mercy leaves a positive mark on the Assumption community and leads a life of faith.

Model of Mercy recipient Erica Lasley thinks of certain qualities when she thinks of a Model of Mercy. She said that being compassionate, helpful, going above and beyond, and setting aside work to help others is important.

Model of Mercy recipient Marianne Heck said that being a model of Mercy means, “Being a pillar to your community and raising people up.”